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Circuit Breaker Wiring

Greater Fairfield County's Old House Wiring Services

The wiring in an older home can be delicate and should be dealt with accordingly. It’s common for homes 30 years and older to still have their original wiring, and you may notice major issues such as lights flickering or defective wiring. Issues such as these can be too difficult to tackle by yourself. Trident Electric INC is your trusted electrician for all of your older home. We can examine the problem and even help you with a brand new panel upgrade

Additionally, appliances with older wiring can sometimes short out.  This can lead to problems such as sockets blowing out or internal wiring damage. No matter what problems you are experiencing, we’ll find a way to assist you with our professional residential electrical services offered throughout Fairfield County. We reside in Norwalk but visit the entirety of Fairfield County including BridgeportDarienEastonFairfieldGreenwichNew Canaan, Norwalk, Redding, Ridgefield, Shelton, Stamford, Stratford, Trumbull, Weston, Westport, and Wilton.

Standard Power Plug

Common Old House Wiring Issues

Older houses have a definite charm and nostalgia. They may even come at a more affordable cost. It’s important to make sure that you’re older home’s wiring is safe and working properly. Have you seen any of these issues in your older home? Don’t wait for serious issues or injuries to happen. Contact Trident Electric INC for honest and accurate assistance with your old house wiring and electrical repairs

Dead Outlets:

Some older homes may have older electrical breakers, which can lead to one dead outlet or multiple. It’s not uncommon to have these typical electrical issues in an older home, even new constructions or additions can be installed improperly leading to minor and major faulty wiring.

Light Bulb

Insubstantial Power:

If you turn on any appliance in your house and the lights in the house dim, it’s time to call Trident Electric. In today’s world, we need additional electrical power that older homes weren’t normally built with. Certain codes and restrictions didn’t require electricians or builders to equip a home with more power than it needed.

Dimming & Flickering Bulbs:

Poor connections may mean that brightness varies room to room in your house. For older homes, the wires may be worn down and at risk of causing a fire, which is also a great reason to have a smoke detector installed in your older home. 

Electrician rewiring

Knob and Tube Electrical Wiring:

This may not need to be replaced, but it certainly deserves careful inspection and possibly replacement or repair, because knob and tube systems lack an electrical ground, may have damaged insulation or may have been improperly modified or extended by previous owners.


An old house with outdated wiring may also mean poor insulation. All wires should be properly maintained as poor insulation could result in a house fire.

Why Choose Trident Electric?

Trident Electric INC is Fairfield County’s trusted electric company, here for all of our electrical needs. We proudly serve our residential and commercial guest with high-quality service each and every time we visit your home.

We offer multiple electrical services, wiring, repairs and maintenance for your older home in Connecticut. Dealing with live wiring and outages can be dangerous. We would advise to never take an electrical issue into your own hands. Trust a professional, like our experienced, licensed electricians. Contact us any day and any time, we not only provide regular service hours, but 24/7 emergency electrical services