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What Is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is another name for a distribution board or breaker panel. This board/panel is a component of your electrical supply system that divides your electrical power accordingly to units throughout your property. Our professionals at Trident Electric INC typically work with this type of electrical hardware.

Why Do I Need To Upgrade It?

When you upgrade your property’s panel boxes, you are essentially bolstering the electrical power output and wiring so that your property can handle a greater power output. You may want to consider upgrading your electrical panels if your property has old electrical wiring or if there are any faults you may be experiencing with your current electrical panel. A Trident Electric INC electrician can give you a proper assessment to determine if your home needs a panel upgrade.

Whether you reside in a rural area or a densely populated location, you will likely experience electrical problems the older your panel box becomes. Since electrical systems are crucial in daily living and other occupational operations it is important your panel box is one of the things you upgrade when it comes to updating the rest of your property. When making these upgrades there are numerous factors to consider which can help determine the overall costs of implementing your new electrical systems.

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Modernization of Appliances  

Due to the continuous modernization of common household appliances, you may need more power to be exerted from your panels. For example older homes run on panel boxes with low-amperage. Consequently, they may not have central air, satellites, and other electrical advancements due to their low power output. This is a key reason to begin considering upgrading your panel boxes.

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Relocation of an Electrical Panel

Sometimes when you make advancements to your electrical wiring, problems can arise with the placement of your current electrical panel. If this is something that affects you then you may want to consider the relocation of your panel box.

Keep in consideration:

      • The location of your panel box – if it is indoors or outdoors
      • How many levels are in your home
      • How many circuits will need to be moved
      • If code permits you using your existing box as a junction point
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If your panel box is displaying any flickering lights; buzzing; crackling sounds; or blown fuses then it is imperative you replace and upgrade your electrical panels immediately! Should any of these experiences come about, contact a Trident Electrical LLC electrician as soon as possible so we may assess the situation and help you decide on the proper procedure to mend any issues you may be experiencing with your current panel box.

Advantages of Upgrading Your Panels

Most older homes only produce enough electricity to meet the requisite of 100 amps. However, since new appliances are being developed, and common household appliances are being modernized, they require a significantly higher power output now. Homeowners who make the decision to improve their panel boxes can install newer appliances without worrying about running over their power limit.

Disadvantages of Upgrading Your Panels

The overarching disadvantage of upgrading your panels are the costs and construction that would have to take place in order to properly install your new electrical panels. Normally, to make this process easier, homeowners who had their panels upgraded would plan this procedure to take place during a planned renovation or addition to their home.

Why Choose Trident Electric?

Trident Electric INC offers reliable, efficient, professional panel upgrade installations for your home and business.  With 15 years of experience, you can trust our personnel at  Trident Electric to install panel upgrades that will best power your home or business. Our staff are all licensed electricians who will be able to help you plan and design the best electrical panel installation for your needs. With 24- hour emergency electrical services, your panel boxes are in reliable hands.

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