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Greenwich, CT Electrician & Electrical Services

Trident Electric provides great quality, consistent, and reasonably priced electrical services to the individuals and businesses in Greenwich, CT. As we have more than 15 years of experience in providing high-quality electrical services, our electricians are equipped, trained, licensed, and insured to provide you the finest services. For all types of lighting services from exterior to interior, the customers can bank on Trident Electric to get amazingly best services.

Services Offered:

When you are need of services of an electrician, you look for someone who has experience and expertise to ensure safe and efficient installing and services of your appliances, electrical system, and more. By calling a professional, you are also making sure that someone with proper knowledge on regulations, state codes, and all the latest electrical updates. We are here to assist you in all your concerns related to electrical needs. Our services cover both residential and commercial properties, and you can be assured of the best electrical decisions.

Garden lighting installation

Greenwich Landscape Lighting Electrician

Are you looking for illuminating your garden? Lightening up the pathways? Adding some impressive lighting solutions to your home? Trident Electric has an answer for you. You should note that by installing landscape lighting, you are adding a security measure to your home and surroundings along with making a greater appeal to the hardscape.

Lightings we install:

  • Exterior lights
  • Lighting paths
  • House lights
  • Accent lights
  • Tree lights
  • Pond lighting
  • Beach lighting

We are also experts in installing and servicing special types of security lights and motion sensor lights. You can contact and consult with our electrical specialists and find the most suitable lighting solutions for your home exterior in Greenwich. Keep in touch with us today and know more.

Pool lighting installation

Pool & Spa Lighting Installation & Repair

By adding proper lighting, you can enhance the visual appeal of the pool and spa greatly round-the-clock. Trident Electric is a highly experienced firm in installing and servicing various pool fixtures. You can go through our pool and spa services to learn how it is helpful to you to address the pool, spa, and sauna lighting concerns.

Services we provide:

  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Timers
  • Filtration
  • Underwater lighting

As everyone aware that the pool, sauna, and spa lighting should be installed per the particular code of the state and county, it needs extensive steps from draining the pool and spa to install new lighting. The Trident Electric team discusses the best pool lighting options fit your pool and give you a detailed estimate.

Alarm & Security Electrical Installation

Alarm & Security Electrical Installation

Our servicing firm understands the criticality of your home and business security well with our experience and expertise. We take precautions in installing various alarm systems of different complexities and ensure proper functioning in your home and office.

Properties we service:

  • Residences
  • Condominiums
  • Vacation homes
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Commercial properties

Installing security and alarm systems need deeper expertise as it includes connecting with unique wires to make them activated and attached to the system accurately. The faulty alarm systems can create vulnerable days for you, but our electricians are there to support you in addressing the issues.

Marine wiring box

Marina & Dock Wiring in Greenwich

Are you looking for assistance to the dock wiring or lighting of your boat? Trident Electric has that expertise as well, and we can help you on wiring, new installation, service upgrades, and repairs. Request the service of our professionals today and experience their high-value services.

Marina & Dock services we provide:

  • Wiring
  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Service upgrades
  • Dock Lighting
  • Boat Lighting

You are requested to go through some of the major topics before planning to install a marine wiring. Dangerous conditions including exposed wires can make a threat to you and other inhabitants using your dock – something which you do not want to experience. Trident Electric provides safe wiring and highest quality electric work for your boat or dock.

Audio installation

Home Theatre/Audio Electrical Setup

You prefer experts to install your home theater to make sure that all the wirings are installed and fixed safely to avoid any electrical hazards. Trident Electric is very proud of its services that correctly fit the customer needs in home theater and audio in Greenwich. You can hire our experts today to make your home theater and audio thoughts implemented in your environment.

Home theatre/audio services we provide:

  • Home theatre installation
  • Home theatre maintenance
  • Audio systems
  • Projection systems
  • Office entertainment

Trident Electric would help you to choose the best sound options and can direct you to place the speakers at the optimal places to ensure the sounding experience advanced and most appropriate. Additionally, we offer many added features to ensure our services in Greenwich is unique and different from others.

Commercial Electrician of Greenwich

We offer commercial electrical services to offices, warehouses, stores, schools, and factories in Greenwich, CT. The Specialty of our services include most secure installation methods that are compliant with regulations, laws, and codes of the city and county to make sure that your facility and premises are free of electrical hazards.

Our commercial services include installation and upgrades, diagnosis and repair, and electrical system maintenance. We are here to help you to choose the most convenient lighting solutions from LED to fluorescent, ensuring the energy savings are given the top priority.

Greenwich, CT Electrician & Electrical Services

Trident Electric is committed to providing professional services that can improve the aesthetic appeal of your property, optimize the energy efficiency, and avoid any hazardous electrical accidents. Our qualified professionals are focused on assisting you to avail the high-quality electrical services within your budget. We are proud and delighted to serve individuals and businesses throughout Greenwich, CT. We also provide our services to Stamford, Norwalk and many more.

Feel free to reach out us at 203-515-7414 if you have any questions about our services.