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Fairfield, CT Electrician & Electrical Services

Trident Electric provides efficient, affordable and high-quality electrical services to all businesses and homes in Fairfield, CT. Our fully licensed and insured professionals have over 15 years of experience to provide you with excellent, reliable electrical services. We provide a range of indoor and outdoor services, including exterior and indoor lighting. Regardless of your electrical issues, you can turn to Trident Electric for efficient and effective electrical work.

Services Offered:


When you need an electrician, you are looking for an experienced professional that you can rely on for safe, efficient work. You also want to be sure that your electrician will adhere to and exceed all state codes, laws and regulations and who is adept in the latest technology. Trident Electric is your choice to fit that bill. Whether you are a residential or commercial customer, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality in exceptional electrical work.

Garden lighting installation

Fairfield Landscape Lighting Electrician

When you need to make a change in your garden or landscape area or add illumination to your home, Trident Electric can provide the services you need for an outdoor electrical makeover. We can improve the appearance of your landscape and hardscape and also build high levels of safety into your outdoor electrical work.

Lighting we install:

  • Exterior lights
  • Lighting paths
  • House lights
  • Accent lights
  • Tree lights
  • Pond lighting
  • Beach lighting

We also have special expertise in the installation of motion sensor lights and special security lights. You can set up a meeting with one of our electricians to plan the best lighting choices for your Fairfield home’s exterior. Call us today to find out more.

Pool lighting installation

Pool & Spa Lighting Installation & Repair

You can add beauty and appeal to the appearance of your pool in Fairfield by adding lighting to the area. With pool lighting, you can enjoy your pool day and night. At Trident Electric, we have extensive experience installing and maintaining fixtures for your pool. Our pool and spa electrical services can bring a new light to your pool, spa or sauna.

Services we provide:

  • Lighting
  • Pumps
  • Heaters
  • Timers
  • Filtration
  • Underwater lighting

Lighting for your pool, spa or sauna must be installed under special code and a high level of care due to their proximity to water. This includes draining the pool in order to install new lights. We will discuss your pool lighting options and provide you with a detailed estimate and plan of how Trident Electric can bring new light to your pool or spa.

Alarm & Security Electrical Installation

Alarm & Security Electrical Installation

We know how important your home and business security is for you. Trident Electric takes special care to ensure the correct installation of your security system for your Fairfield home or office.

Properties we service:

  • Residences
  • Condominiums
  • Vacation homes
  • Offices
  • Stores
  • Commercial properties

We provide a professional service to install alarm and security systems. These systems use unique wires that must be connected properly in order to ensure the system is properly activated and engaged. We know that you need an effective, working alarm system. Our trained electricians at Trident Electric can help to fix faulty alarm systems and restore them to working order.

Marine wiring box

Marina & Dock Wiring in Fairfield

If you need help with dock wiring or electrical lighting for your boat, Trident Electric can help you. We can help keep your boat in tip-top shape with wiring, repairs, lighting, service upgrades and new installation. Call Trident Electric to find out how we can work with your Fairfield boat today.

Marina & Dock services we provide:

  • Wiring
  • Repairs
  • Installation
  • Service upgrades
  • Dock Lighting
  • Boat Lighting

At Trident Electric, we work hard to ensure that your boat and dock wiring is safe for you and your family. On the water, exposed wiring and other faulty electrical issues can pose a real hazard. Our trained and fully licensed electricians can ensure that your boat receives the best in high-quality, well-finished electrical work.

Audio installation

Home Theatre/Audio Electrical Setup

Trident Electric can provide the expertise to help you install an exceptional home theatre experience in your Fairfield home. We will ensure all wiring is safely and securely installed, preventing all dangers or hazards. We are proud of our work in Fairfield installing beautiful home theatre and audio systems. Our experts can work with you to make your vision for home entertainment a reality.

Home theatre/audio services we provide:

  • Home theatre installation
  • Home theatre maintenance
  • Audio systems
  • Projection systems
  • Office entertainment

At Trident Electric, we can help you to choose the optimal selections for high-quality sound. We can also help you place the speakers in your home theatre for the best surround quality. Our electricians provide extensive additional features and can help your Fairfield home audio experience come to life.

Commercial Electrician of Fairfield

Trident Electric provides commercial electrical services to stores, warehouses, offices, factories and schools throughout Fairfield, CT. We are committed to a high level of quality and safety in electrical installation and adhere to and exceed codes, regulations and laws for your safety. With Trident Electric, you can rest assured of your commercial building’s electrical safety.

We offer diagnosis and repair of existing systems, new installations and upgrades and maintenance for commercial electrical systems in Fairfield. In addition, we can help you to choose the lighting options most suitable for your building, from LED options to fluorescent bulbs, to maximize your energy savings.

Fairfield, CT Electrician & Electrical Services

Our professional electrical services can enhance and improve your property, maximize your energy savings and efficiency and protect your safety from dangerous hazards. Trident Electric’s trained and licensed electricians are dedicated to ensuring you achieve your goals, on time and on budget. We serve homeowners and business customers throughout Greater Fairfield, CT. We also work in Bridgeport, Westport and more.

Please phone us at 203-515-7414 with any questions or to set up an appointment to discuss our services further.