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Greater Fairfield County's Low Voltage Lighting Installation Services

Low Voltage Lighting refers to the number of electricity supplies being used, as well as the safety considerations involved with such electrical components. With our 15 years of service and dedication to our customers, we at Trident Electric suggest that you use Low Voltage Lighting, as it will help lower your electric bills and offer you a more energy efficient lighting supply. Looking to give your home some new lighting? Contact us at 203-515-7414

Different Types of Low Voltage Lighting

Why Choose Low Voltage Lighting?

There are multiple reasons as to why you should consider implementing Low Voltage Lighting into your home.

Electrician Wiring Installing Services


When it comes to installing your low voltage lighting, there are four steps involved.

    • Lay out the Lights
    • Place and Secure Transformer
    • Dig Trench for Cable
    • Plug In the Cable

Make sure the cable is connected to the transformer, and set the timer for however long you want the lights to flash for you.

Even though it is important to determine how to set up your lights, it is also important that you take proper care of your lights as well. We recommend that once you are done with your lights, you trim a emery board and spray the contacts with an automotive ignition sealer to prevent any further corrosion.

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Cost Effective

One of the more important reasons as to why you should consider low voltage lighting is because of how much energy you would save. In fact, the more frequent you implement this type of lighting, then there is a very good chance your electricity bill will be much lower than it is right now.

Can Be Implemented Anywhere

Several areas where you can install your lighting may include your front walkway, your backyard, or even your back porch. In fact, we even have the technology for you to install these lights into your pool or spa, as well as the technology to further enhance your backyard garden and trees. This is the way to help ensure that your garden stands out to you the most.

Why Choose Trident Electric?

At Martin Electric, we love what we do. For 15 years, we have done our part in striving to provide you with the best electrical service possible for your property, business, or home. If you are in a time of need, our team of professional and personable electricians will be more than happy to assist you.

Since we are local, and are bother operable and owned, you can count on us for the best customer support possible throughout Greater Fairfield County.

Trident Electric offers 24-hour low voltage lighting services to make sure that you have not only a professional and reliable light up setup, but to have the best customer service possible. We also offer emergency services as well. Please call 203-515-7414 today.